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  • About HKPO
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HKP Proactive Solutions, LLC; also doing business as HKPO Lean Six Sigma Experts (HKPO) is a Small Woman-Owned business that has provided Lean Six Sigma Support and Training to industry leading customers since 2006. Our resources have over 50 years of combined experience in Lean Six Sigma methodology in the classified and unclassified federal government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, commercial industrial environments, and non-profit organizations. Across each of these complex environments, HKPO resources have trained over 10,000 individuals in Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Providing our customers with Lean Six Sigma certified professionals ranging from Master Black Belts and Lean Senseis to Green Belts

HKPO will support, train, coach, and mentor customers through organizational development and reengineering opportunities by providing access to the very best Certified Lean Six Sigma Experts within the Continuous Improvement Industry.

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HKPO is a certified Small Woman Owned Business