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Why a Virtual Learning Approach is Most Effective during the COVID-19 Pandemic

At HKPO the health and wellness of our clients and their families is at the top of our minds with the current COVID-19 pandemic! In the spirit of continuous improvement, we looked at our current offerings and reorganized them to meet the needs of our clients during this crisis. To keep you on top of your learning goals during these uncertain times, we are excited to announce that we are going virtual! With MANY companies implementing travel restrictions, it is the perfect time to maximize the opportunity to move many of our offerings online. We want to share that HKPO has been delivering Virtual Training for over a decade, and has mastered the approach while proving it is one of the most effective learning methodologies when done correctly and by experts. By using a variety of activities that apply to many different learning styles, we can ensure you will retain the lessons learned and improve your knowledge base. Please join us in an upcoming session and let us show you how we can incorporate virtual learning into your organization and professional development strategy.

Below are the 6 Reasons Why a Virtual Learning Approach is the most effective:


You can go at your own pace!

HKPO provides you go at your own pace, online pre-learning before you even enter the virtual classroom, this allows the virtual class to focus on hands-on exercises. A proven method to increase adult learner retention and improve comprehension.


Connect with your instructors and peers live for more meaningful learning!

Our virtual classroom, part of the blended curriculum, will require all participants to have their cameras on so we can interact with each other. Facial expressions and connection enhance the learning experience while also allowing for networking with your fellow classmates and peers.


Use of technology to enhance the learning experience!

To ensure group participation and exercises are effective, using the Zoom and Mural Technology platforms, we will be working live and split into subgroups for hands-on exercises, just like if we were together in a classroom.


Make the most of your time and manage your workload!

We break the training up into small time blocks which will allow you to still meet all of your other daily demands at work and home.


Get supported by the experts!

We provide Virtual Coaching and Mentoring by experts with years of experience to ensure your successful with your projects and deliverables.


Most Importantly, stay safe and healthy!